The East Pokot Medical Project (EPMP) has been providing health care and education in the East Pokot region since 1980, because the government has been neglecting these services in the area. Moreover, the EPMP has initiated projects in order to enable locals in economic progress, such as the Honey House (beekeeping) and Maendeleo (clothing production). The organisation is managed by the Incarnate Word Sisters, a group of missionaries active in multiple countries.

The goal of EPMP is to improve the overall health standard of the semi-nomadic, pastoral Pokot people by providing health services in the remote East Pokot region. To achieve this they provide medical treatments, medicine and consultation in two dispensaries located in Barpello and Kositei. Next to this, they organize daily mobile clinics to provide medical information and to monitor the health of babies, young children and their mothers.

The original focus of the EPMP was preventive: hygiene and nutrition instructions, vaccination of children, pre- and postnatal care. In the course of the years the focus has shifted to medical treatment, however many health problems, such as diarrhoea, malaria and HIV/aids, can be prevented by education.

After construction of the resource centre EPMP will manage and maintain the resource centre with locals as employees who, over time, will take on increasing responsibilities.